Monday, July 09, 2007

Stalking Halaa

In the middle of the african-inspired Nagrand lies the neutral city of Halaa. It is the object of the zone's outdoor PVP mode. When killing a member of the opposing faction you are awarded a Halaa Battle Token - and if your faction controlls the city you can use these (together with research tokens gathered from the zone's mobs) to purchase pretty good PVP gear.

For about a week Warspike has called Halaa home. Especially when controlled by the alliance. You see stealthing and stalking in the Halaa is very easy.. and several 64-66 comes there to turn in their tokens and they don't really expect a dagger in the back. The guards will assist if I get too close so controlling the fight is paramount. Crippling poison or you better have vanish ready. The mutilate build is excellent for this kind of dirty burst kill.

My favourite PVP moment here was when ambushing a hunter on his flying mount at ground level. After a few stuns he managed to get away and simply soared up in the air with almost no health... I had 4 full combo points on him and next thing a Deadly Throw killed him midair! I love being a rogue =)

I've collected 60 marks.. earned a good chunk of honor and now purchased the Shadowstalker's belt and leggings. It was actually a pretty painful week to do all the marks at once. But now that I am done I can leave Halaa and the alliance there alone.

My next stop is grinding Aldor rep to exhalted... and I am very very close. You see in Nagrand I've been killing beasts like there is no tomorrow (when not in Halaa). The leather and especially the clefthoof leather sells for a good deal of gold. For those earnings I've bought Fel Armament and Mark of Saragas. Doing the Aldor quests in the Netherstorm has helped as well.

Oh.. I am close to finally buying a flying mount.. but we'll see if the gold I have after a few quests is enough.


Megan said...

There's a good spot in Blade's Edge that I farmed with another Rogue buddy for Aldor marks.

I don't know where the Horde FP's are in Blade's Edge, but if you get to the Alliance town Sylvasomethinoranother (spelling > me), and then travel directly east from it through a gulch, you've eventually hit a cave entrance with a float eye mob. Go through there and you'll be in a pit area where all the mobs can drop Marks and Fel Arms.

Granted, we farmed as Combat specs so it was Cheapshot -> SND -> go to sleep, dunno how good Mutilate would be. Should be fast though still, the mobs are mostly squishy and you don't have to worry about alot of debuffs (nothing CLOS can't handle).

Keystone said...

I did quest after 70 to make money for my flying mount. The quest give a ton of money at max level since there's no XP to be gained.

I'll have to check Halaa out. I actually skipped most of Nagrand in my leveling to 70 and I haven't even unlocked it since I've been in areans ever since the 70 ding.

I'll be sure to watch my back while I'm there ^^

Hexapuma said...

Megan: thanks! I'll check it out. For some reason I've not liked going through that cave due to that nasty eye... I have a thing for eyes..

Excaliber1 said...

lol horde raided halaa for 4hours yesterday...we defended it all throughout and i got 32 battle tokens in one day ^_^