Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Simple Lockpicking guide

Skilling up lockpicking can be tough, especially if you don’t concentrate on it from the start. There are basically four ways to skill up lockpicking and that is from junkboxes, footlockers, doors and treasure (chests/lockboxes).

For me I’ve used footlockers to around 250 and then moved over to junkboxes and doors. When arriving in the Outlands I rely completely on pickpocketing all the junkboxes i need.

First of there is an excellent guide to lockpicking at and if you have the time check out their lockpicking article. I am going to just mention Junkboxes and Footlockers in this post…

I’ve only marked the skill level to when it turns green…

Battered Junkbox – skill 0-75 (drops from level 22-32 mobs)
Worn Junkbox – skill 50-120 (drops from level 32-42 mobs)
Sturdy Junkbox – skill 175-225 (drops from level 42-52 mobs)
Heavy Junkbox – skill 250-300 (drops from level 52-60 mobs)
Strong Junkbox – skill 300-350 (drops from 61+ mobs)

A hot tip is to save all junkboxes you find in the outlands and use them to skill up while you level. When you’ve filled your level’s five skill ranks, mail the remaining boxes to an alt and have them returned when you ding!

Opening footlockers is the reliable way to grind your lockpicking skill up to 300 as it doesn’t require you to rely on luck from pick pocket. Your rogue trainer will tell you where suitable footlockers for your skill level are located. Personally I switch place as soon as the footlockers are turning yellow… after that it fails too often for me to have the patience to continue.

Ashenvale (Zoram Strand) 75-95+
Hillsbrad (Durnholde Keep) 75-95+
Stonetalon Mountains (Windshear Crag) 75 – 110+
Stonetalon Mountains (Windshear Mine) 105 -150+
Wetlands (along the coast) 110-145+
Desolace (along the northern coast) 150-175+ (bring water breathing apparatus/potion)
Badlands (Angor Fortress) 150-200+
Swamp of Sorrows 175-200+
Searing Gorge (slag pit/quarry) 200-225+
Searing Gorge (slag pit/upper quarters) 225-250+
Tanaris (Pirate area) 225-250+
Azshara (bay of storms) 235-275+ (bring water breathing apparatus/potion)
Eastern Plaguelands (Tyr’s Hand) 250-275+
Zangarmarsh (Feralfen Village) – 305-310+
Nagrand (Kil’sorrow Fortress) - 325-350+

I strongly recommend you to avoid Angor Fortress and instead go for Desolace. The trafic in Angor Fortress on my server is unbelieavable...

That's it!


s4dfish said...

Do you have pickpocket macro'd to all your openers? I hadn't thought of that until BC (may not have been possible till then), but I think now that one could level lockpicking form 0-350 just using that technique. Who knows...

Samownall said...

Nice guide - personally i think they should open up lockpicking as a profession available for all classes :) I like your blog btw and have linked to it from my wow blog - Wow Blog If you like mine I would greatly appreciate being added to your blogroll :) Thanks

Hexapuma said...

Always nice to hear positive feedback =) I'll put up a link.

Keystone said...

Enjoyed the guide! ^^

DakotaNorth said...

You are correct about pickpocketing to level up your lockpicking. Humaniods provide cash, great loot (blue's, green's and vendor trash) and junkboxes. Junkboxes always give money, poison reagents and a usable/sellable item. Beside doing the first Rogue lockpicking quest, I have always done junkboxes. Even the green skill ones will have a >75% skill-up rate. Footlockers sometimes have a surprise when you open them and it may not be favorable. Ogres have tons of junkboxes and they are so easy for a Rogue to kill, unless they are 3-5 levels higher.