Monday, May 14, 2007

The Light at the end of the tunnel - Ding 60!

After several days of hard labor - my undead rogue turned 60! It is time to go over to the dark side of the horde for good.

The last part was boring and nearly crushed me - only my alt hunter kept it going.

So introducing Warspike soon in a battleground near you.

My first big adventure will be going into Stormwind to do the mandatory ganking on poor unsuspecting PVP flagged players.


Keystone said...

Congrats on level 60!!!

Try not to target the Mages, it's hard work being a vending machine ^^

Hexapuma said...

I'll target anything that gets in my way... but a little secret between you and me.. I hate mages, unless they are fire/arcane they go peacefully. But those blasted frost mages =)