Friday, August 25, 2006

SF and UI hell!

So I picked the old classic Seal Fate for my new 1.12 build. I really wanted to go Hemo or heavy combat swords... but my weapons are not really up to par with hemo and I hesitated so much.. so I went with SF to see how the BGs would come out.

BGs in battlegroup 3 has been a pain. There is lag from hell when it comes to actually join the queues. You talk to the NPC... but nothing happens. 10 minutes later the instance list pops up for a second, just enough to remind you that if you were patient enough and waited by the NPC for an indefinate period of time you would be able to join the 40 minute queues.

But they'll fix it.. it will take a while but then it will start working. That is how it works.

I downloaded a new UI to celebrate the 1.12 patch... going with NurfedUI and nothing more. I've always believed in having as few mods as possible. But man! going from one UI package to another is time consuming. Spent a few minutes in AB in confusion of where my skills were and it seems everytime I tried to go for Cold Blood I would switch the menu page. SHIFT-2 is my usual Cold Blood key.. but without fixing up Nurfed UI correctly it swapped my main attack skills for bandages and shit...

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