Wednesday, August 23, 2006

1.12 rogue talents reviewed

So I've just downloaded and installed the 1.12 patch. Later tonight I'll have to respec and to be honest I don't really have a clue of what to spec. My previous spec was a classic Seal Fate (31/8/12)... I'll see if that will serve as a starter or else I am going with a Combat Sword build to make sure I don't gimp my PVE DPS too much.

Combat Sword is also quite handy in the BGs... although you need slightly better backup.

I just quickly browsed through the official wow forums and they are filled with many "OMG! the worst review ever" threads. Somehow I think the rogue community is a crowd impossible to please.


Psyae said...

Well, they giveth, but they taketh away, as well.

Most class reviews get a boatload of much desired (and needed) upgrades and neat stuff. Rogues, it seems, get a few talents shifted around, and then they *break* the poison-through-instances thing again. Yeah, I see all the responses to that that say, "Well, poisons are cheap!" FU!!! Yeah, ONE poison is cheap. But I always have 40 on me! Not only that, but in the "learning" phase of high-level instances, sometimes I run out! When it was actually working, I could go through a three-hour instance run, and use up 12 poisons (one per weapon, every half hour). Now, I'm worried about 40 not being enough.

Even worse is BGs! When I was in my pvp phase, I was about to quit just because of that! You get in the queue, you get in the instance, you poison up. Five minutes later, the game is over. You're back outside. Your poisons are gone. You get back in a queue, you go inside, you re-poison, and it happens all over again. When I was in a winning WSG team, I'd go through 6 sets of crippling poison an hour, for about three to five hours a night. That's up to 60 poisons per night! Yikes! Who says that stuff is cheap?

It's not so much the cost, but moreso the hassle. And the bag space!!! And having to run restock in the middle of a winning streak. Quite annoying.

I am totally unconvinced at Blizzard's explanation that it's a technical issue.

So, back to the main point, yeah, rogues did get a moderate boost to dps (which generally is what rogues are all about), but we didn't get special armor, or class-specific quests, or reputation, or added development of our generally ignored sub-skills (like pickpocketing, trap detection, etc.), or anything really exciting. At all. It's a boring-ass review, is what it is. Besides the talent switching (which is quite minor for most of us), everything they did is akin to a normal patch.

That may not be all bad, though. Honestly, I was worried that they'd change rogues so drastically that they wouldn't really be WoW rogues any longer, and I wouldn't want to continue playing. At least they didn't go that far.

Blizzard, hint: fist weapons, class-specific "cool" stealthy (solo) quests and npc contacts and reputation and rewards, and a real rogue guild... or something.


(To more address your comments, yeah, you've got all the rogues who want to be godly and invincible, and the others who want more rogue-specific content and development. You'll never be able to please them all.)

Hexapuma said...

That poisons are removed when zoning is probably what has been bothering me the most. It is inexpensive as hell and once you get into an already going game you kinda look if there is going to be any idea of actually applying poison at all... Its not completely unheard of that you enter a BG only to find that 4/5 resources are already flagged.

Aspero of the Whorde said...

The rouge talent review make me want to roll one... BAD! and with the release of BC and the level 70 talents and spells it'll be hard for classes like mine (hunter) to even touch you guys. Grats