Thursday, July 20, 2006

Talent Respec

So before the much anticipated 1.12 patch I decided to respec my old PVP build to 31/8/12, the much popular Seal Fate build. I've been itching to try out vigor, seal fate and cold blood.

Much to my dismay the queues to AB during the summer period is long. 28 minute instead of the usual 5-6 minutes. So far I've just noticed that I truly miss Preparation & Camo . I've also noticed that I am a poor finisher... especially to remember using Cold blood. More buttons to press but it has not let me down yet.

I also did the first two Molten Core quests... first a quick stop at EPL for the plagued elementals and then over to Silithius for even more elementals. Everytime I do a bit of grinding a miss my old combat spec. Silithius is thick with farmers... both alliance and horde. It seems they do have an unstable truce. All it took was one dagger in the back and a full war was raging - with me in the middle. Fun.. again World PVP is probably where we still shine as heroes or perhaps villains.

Was fun to do a bit of questing.. next stop is UBRS so I'll probably have to find me a nice PUG. The dread.

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