Monday, July 03, 2006

The Fire Festival

I've been pretty focused on PVP the last months but with the little Fire festival event I couldn't resist to ride out in the world to check out the various fires.

I had a blast... riding through semi low level areas looking for the fires was not only fun but it also brought me back the joy of World PVP.

It took me little more than 2 hours to complete a few of the quests but it was great fun. Rewards are not especially enticing as they only last for a set number of days.

There is something very sinister to world PVP as a rogue.. you really have complete control in when to start a battle and how to proceed whereas in the BGs you have a timer running (kill the horde before he caps etc).

There is a fine balance between World PVP and BG PVP.. and unfortunately rogues are gods in world and lackeys in BG. It will be interesting to see what blizz have in store for us in patch 1.12... I wouldn't be surprised if Blizz thanks to world pvp will be very limited in the ways that they improve our class.

Oh.. tonight I am going Molten Core with the guild... perhaps a nightslayer piece or two will be mine. I upgraded my OH dagger from Blood-etched blade to Scarlet Kris yesterday... ;)

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