Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pinioned winclipped...

One of the guild's founding members (raidleader, main puller and guild bank) decided to move on to greener pastures this week. She left for one of the most prominent PVE guilds on Ravencrest - The Inquisitors. I fully understand her choice as she had most of the gear from MC already from various "open MC raids". She also plays in a whole other league than most of our members when it comes to time and dedication.

She will be missed.

However during times like this other members step up and get a chance to be main puller and even raid leaders. I think in the long run we'll grow stronger even though we'll have a setback in the comming week(s).

It does not really affect me since I have very little time to do any raiding at all. I need to start doing a few ZG runs though to get the primal hakkari's needed for the Madcap outfit. Especially now since there are rumors of the set being boosted from superior to epic quality...

I've been buying bijou's of AH for money grinded in various low-level instances so I should be able to pump up my rep to revered pretty easily. Just need those drops!

Finally a little humor - guess most of you have already seen it. But 'tis is good stuff =)

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