Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hakkar defeated

Last night I raided with my guild and it was loads of fun. We went directly for Hakkar (as they had cleared the five channeler bosses the day before). After a few wipes we downed Hakkar in a glorious battle. We had a pretty strange lineup for the raid with only 1 druid, 2 priests, 3 rogues, 2 paladins, 3 hunters, 3 mages, 1 warlock and 5 warriors. It is the third time Hakkar is downed by Pinioned so they're getting the hang of it. So loot... I've hard that Hakkar drops rogue loot galoré - not so this time. Heart of Hakkar, Cloak of Consumption and the Soul Corruptor's Necklace plopped out of his messy corpse.

After Hakkar we proceeded to take out the fishboss, Ghaz'ranka. And from his body we pilfered Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator. After a few crazed attempts by our seemingly drunk priest to bid on the staff a warrior finally won it. Except for the name, the Fish terminator is actually a really good 2H warrior weapon with more than +40 strength.

Now I have to find more time to do some guild raiding... I might get away with a raid once every other week =/


Raivyne said...

Went with a guild to ZG Wednesday night. Hakkar dropped the cloak of consumption, something i forget and the Fang of the Faceless!! i rolled on it and got 2nd place :/ but it went to a dagger rogue so i'm cool w/that. Just woulda been a nice OH for me :)

Hexapuma said...

Nice... would have been MH for me =) when going with guilds at these instances I actually prefer rolling to DKP.. but that is probably cause of my low DKP =)