Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally 80 & Azjol-Nerub

Actually my warrior managed to reach 80 at least a week ago but I've been to busy with life to actually do something about it. With the Big Ding! I flew around Northrend to pick up a few pieces of reputation gear. Pants from Argent Crusade, breastplate and boots from Wyrmrest... in the end it actually seemed that Urthiel would be ready for his first heroic.

A guildie whispered and asked if I would like to tank the daily HC. With my defense stat a little over 540 I thought this would be a great experience. The instance of the day: Azjol-Nerub. It is at least in normal a rather quick affair but with interesting pulls that challenges the tank. Great fun.

At the time I did not have skype/vent installed on my computer so while the rest of the party would talk I had to rely on /party. The party by the way consisted of Protection Warrior, a resto druid, a retribution paladin and a dagger rogue. We started making our way into the instance... and there was lots of killing and after a while we ended up at the last boss. I did not think of it much at the time but rather now afterwords... we didn't CC anything, just hacked adn crushed our way through multiple-mob pulls. Great fun. Now that I've read up a bit on heroics it seems that at least a little CC is recommended. Oh well my guildies have pretty decent gear to carry up a fresh 80.

Oh, the end boss... well here we started to wipe.  It was a very hard fight with the dangerous POUND spell killing me once and our resto druid another time. The cheer amount of poison from the spider adds racked up two more wipes. A total of four wipes was necessary before we could down the might beetle. A plate belt dropped out for me... great success!

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Gz on the big 80!
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