Monday, May 26, 2008

My pet's first Sporeling Snack

SporelingSnack Earlier today my trusty pet - a Frostsaber named  Lovelace - got her first Sporeling Snack boosting her stamina and spirit with a whopping 20 points. I was kind of surprised that the snacks aren't fed the same way regular pet food is. Instead of selecting Feed Pet and then click on the food stack, you just use the snack.


lienna said...

Sporeling snacks are nice, but your first Kibler's bits is a much bigger achievement!

just remember to use them, assuming you have a fair amount of them don't save them for special occasions, hopefully your pet should be living long enough to get the full duration on the buff right?

Hexapuma said...

I am kind of cheap when it comes to consumables. I'll honestly try harder to feed the poor little kitty more often. The food have a way of taking up way to much bag-space anyway. I think I have a full 14 slotter.. with consumables for me and my kitty.