Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Hunter Dance

I've picked up on a possible hunter grinding trick to maximize DPS without burning through immense amount of mana. Attack mob, send in pet and dance on the border between ranged and melee combat. While the autoshot is on cooldown, move in for a melee strike. After the strike move back out and pop an arrow. I haven't measured the DPS increase but at least it allows the grinding to become a little bit more action oriented. I am sure that you agree with me when I say that hunter grinding is lackluster at best if you're trying to conserve mana.

Oh... my hunter dinged 54 last night. Only four levels to go until I get into the Outlands greens and make a stop at the battlegrounds for the 12000 or so honor you need for the level 60 PVP gun. I am only getting the gun and then moving on. No need to get PVP armor that will be replaced as soon as you start questing in the Outlands.

Ps... check out Petopia. It has a brand new look... and it looks great!

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lienna said...

Okay so I haven't posted on my own blog or logged into wow all week, but I'm darn well going to comment at 1am when I should be sleeping!

I actually have long had a theory that your melee/ranged dance idea is actually the 1 way to make a melee hunter semi-viable, even then it becomes lackluster once steady shot comes around, but if you got the right weapon speeds and learned to ride your auto-shot and auto-attack timers you'd essentially be getting almost twice the base attack damage damage!

Add in instant shots, special melee swings and traps, its quite an interesting idea, I wonder just how much dps could be put out that way.